Sons Of The Forest s’offre un patch 05


Le jeu Sons Of The Forest s’offre un patch 05, avec de très nombreuses corrections, voici la liste complète :Sons Of The Forest Patch 05 Release Notes

– Buildable basic and advanced log sled
– Tree regrowth (setting is on by default) with a 10% chance to randomly regrow when you sleep
– Findable cooking pots and new advanced cooking system
– Can now add tarps to log structures
– Added 2 new found footage clips
– Added Beached sail boats location
– Also added 79 new ponds and 34 new lakes to the map
– You can now play the guitar
– Added Timmy mutated arm to demon battle scene
– Added new wearable clothing item
– New Kelvin commands added to reset traps, fill log sleds and fill drying racks with fish


– Days Survived now shows the correct readout if the player died during the final interactive cutscene by jumping into the propeller blades
– Cannibals in villages will now sometimes engage in a test of strength fight with another cannibal
– Cannibal fear is now affected by group size, single cannibals will have more fear, large cannibal groups will have less
– Shotgun rail is now on side of gun instead of top to avoid blocking vision
– Turtles will now only lay eggs on sand
– Muddies will sometimes get bored with the player and run away if not angry
– Added Timmy mutant arm visuals to demon boss cutscene
– Lowered priority for female cannibals stealing logs
– Eagles may now steal dead fish
– Throwing dead bodies on spring traps now sends them flying into air
– Moldy food and dead flowers added to banquet hall
– Timmy will now block the exit to hell cave until after you have defeated the boss demon
– Timmy’s jacket will now be ripped after demon boss battle scene
– GPS Map updated with latest lakes and rivers
– Dead small birds now float in water
– Fix for duplicating logs in storage triggers
– Knight V improved sheen on pickup
– Enforced max server name length
– Lobby list performance improved in preparation for an upcoming feature
– Improved support for loading into large multiplayer saves and help with structures vanishing
– Rotated the shotgun in the weapon case in inventory so that the mods are visible now that they are on the side
– Added localized display names for Points of Interest notifications
– Player no longer makes a drinking sound when refilling a container with liquid
– 3D Printer will once again update the resin volume readout when the printer is refilled
– If an item instance module fails to deserialize on load, it will no longer stop the rest the of the players inventory from loading
– Renamed bunker locations to be clearer when discovered
– Improved docks draw distance
– Added more tree moss/vines in areas of map
– Improved bunker food lighting
– Bunker luxury details added; More decorative items, vases, and more dead bodies
– Added cooking pot pickup to tech apartment in bunker residential
– Looking around now updates the target cut position when aiming at a log with an axe equipped (before it was only calculated when first targeted)
– It is no longer possible to cut off holes in floors supporting furniture or windows from a wall that is supporting wall structures
– Kelvin will now choose another tree to chop if a tree structure is placed on it
– Kelvin’s order will complete with the thumbs up if there are no more Arrows/Bolts, Berries, or Radios to retrieve and drop
– Kelvin will now have berries in his hand when eating them. On fishing will have fish on initial grab
– Added fail
– safe protection against enemies falling through world and not deactivating
– Multiplayer clients will now see the proper GPS locator type on Virginia instead of default icon
– Current wetness on characters now replicates to multiplayer clients
– The chainsaw revved state will now be heard and seen by other players and rev will stop when knocked down
– Fixed small birds flying under the water surface when flying over deep lakes
– Fixed a fish bunching up issue

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