Un patch 1.1.1 pour le jeu The Last of Us Part I


Le jeu du studio Naughty Dog, The Last of Us Part I, profite d’un nouveau patch 1.1.1. Le téléchargement sera automatique lors de l’ouverture de votre launcher. La mise à jour corrige de nombreux bugs, crashs, ajoute des textures manquantes et devrait ravir les possesseurs de GPUS RX 580 / 590.
The Last of Us Part I Patch 1.1.1 Release Notes
Main Game

– Fixed a crash that could occur when restarting a Permadeath Speedrun after dying
– Fixed a crash that could occur when rapidly switching through available skins
– Also fixed an issue where reflections were not appearing in vehicles’ rear-view mirrors when Real-Time Reflections are disabled (Options = Graphics = Real-Time Reflections Quality)
– Fixed missing rock and rock wall textures in several areas
– Fixed issues where players could see outside the game world in some locations
– Also fixed quick turn animations when zooming without a gun equipped
– Fixed VRAM usage indicator when resetting graphics settings to default after restarting the game
– Corrected several in-game, menu, and text-to-speech translation errors
– Fixed an issue where monitor resolution was not correctly adjusted when using the “Reset to Defaults” command (Options = Display = Reset to Defaults)
– Fixed the bow’s UI icon overlapping with arrow counts when a melee weapon is also equipped
– Updated ‘Loading %’ user interface (UI) so loading progress is tracked more evenly
– Fixed an issue that could cause graphic settings preview images not to appear
– Fixed several camera-related issues that could occur when running the game at high framerates
– [Photo Mode] Fixed an issue blocking full selection of presets when using Gaze Direction
– [Photo Mode] Fixed an issue where arrow icons were not interactable when using a mouse to change the color of frames
– [Model Viewer] Fixed an issue that resulted in multiple models to be highlighted at once
– [The Outskirts] Fixed the appearance of water when Image-Based Lighting is disabled (Options = Graphics = Image-Based Lighting)
– [Tommy’s Dam] Fixed a crash that could occur in a cutscene during extended play sessions
– [The University] Adjusted the visual appearance of fog
– [Bus Depot] Fixed a camera issue that also led to a crash when traversing across the bus while the game is running at high framerates
– [Bus Depot] Fixed a crash that could occur in a cutscene during extended play sessions

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